Fashion Couple on Instagram

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Fashion Couple on Instagram

Let me quickly show you guys this look before Fall begins. This Summer was kind of strange for me. As I was already in February for a whole month in Cuba, I couldn’t afford to go to another big trip for holidays. But I was in Amsterdam for a Weekend with my boyfriend. Unfortunately,  we were not lucky with the weather there. This whole Summer was most of the time just rain. The rain was so heavy, that people could swim in the streets. I am also very sad about what Hurricane Irma has done to my beautiful Cuba.

We also had some good days, for example the day we shot this fashion couple streetstyle look. For my boyfriend was the first time taking streetstyle pictures. But he really enjoyed it and is also putting some effort to run a fashionable Instagram account. I really can be very convincing when talking about my passions, so that is why he started to take some pictures as well. What is better than to run a business with your better half? I can finally say, that I have the Instagram hubby I always was looking for.

I was wearing a black suede top and a wrapped white skirt. Remember my shoes with the cute pompoms in front? Well, the pompoms fell off and now I have just simply white sandals, which isn’t bad either. And for the bag, I am wearing my Karl Lagerfeld that I bought at the Metzingen Outletcity.


Bag: Karl Lagerfeld (similar)
shoes: Romwe
skirt: Romwe (Asos similar)
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