How to look good with less money!

The pocket is almost empty, but the desire to look good is big. Here we have some tips and tricks, if you don’t have much money for clothes. For all my ladies, who are broke but want to look good. Trust me, we all know the struggle 😉


Sale give someone the opportunity to buy as many basics as possible, which can be worn and combined in many different seasons. You should buy a well-fitting jeans and tops in clear colors. Also timeless pieces such as a leather jacket, beautiful sweaters or a classy blazer. You should also pay attention online because you can get some pieces cheaper than in the store itself. Just open your eyes and search online for some sale offers.

Secondhand Mode

Secondhand Kleidung Vintage Flohmarkt Facebook

Many people don’t like to wear second-hand clothes because they associate it with dirt, and ugliness. But they forget, that they can find a lot of treasures there. Especially if it is a bout vintage clothes, there are so many original branded items for little money. You can get them cheaper plus they are unique pieces. In Berlin for example you can find stores where you can buy clothes per kilo. Not bad, right?


Amazon billig Kleidung shoppen

Did you know, that you can also buy clothes from Amazon? Whether it is a cute velvet dress, a bellybag or accesoires such as chokers. The more you browse the more suggestions you’ll get. Plus there are many price comparisons and sometimes you can buy without paying shipping costs. Have also a look to the reviews of the customers. If you are lucky, you’ll find some pictures of the product. There you can make sure about the quality and stuff.

You can find also make up and almost everything we don’t really need but want on Amazon.


Modeblog Berlin, Pantoletten

Statement pieces can be everything  to pimp a boring outfit. Accessories, bags and shoes are particularly important. They can make a cheap outfit look expensive. Beautiful chains and rings are definitely an eye-catcher. Even bags can make a lot to an outfit. You should make sure that the bag is high quality and it has to be in a color that you can combine it with as many outfits as possible.

Biftu Abduljelil

Hallo, ich bin Biftu und 19 Jahre alt. Ich stamme aus Äthiopien, bin aber in München geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich bin sehr modebegeistert, weltoffen und an aktuellen Themen interessiert. Daher freue ich mich sehr bei Nelly´s Blog, aushelfen zu können.

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