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Hey Guys, sorry Ive been super busy the last couple of days..As you guys know the Mercedes Benz Fashionweek Berlin 2014 already started this monday. First of all I was invited by Nokia to the Stue Hotel to do a photo workshop and be able to test the new Nokia Lumia1020. After an introduction and explanation how to use the smartphone who by the way has 41 megapixel( how awesome right?), we had the chance to take some pictures of the new collection from Marcel Ostertag and the twins Jila and Jale from Fashionhero. We had also the chance to talk with the designers in person as well. It was fine because we were just a few selected fashionbloggers who had the advantage to ask them thousands of questions. And they took their time and answered everything about the collection/work and stuff like that. I really enjoyed the familiar atmosphere! You can check the girls here. They really need some support because being new in the business isn’t that easy and they are super creative! Thanks Nokia for the evening and for the phone!



 Marcel Ostertag und Model





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*Foto credits: Carla und Nokia


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