Essen gehen in Groningen

Which are the places to eat in Groningen, what are the best restaurants in Groningen and where can I eat cheap in Groningen? These were questions I asked myself before my short trip to Groningen, Holland last week.


Places To Eat In Groningen

On Snapchat you have certainly noticed, that last week I visited some friends in Groningen.  If you think of the Netherlands, Groningen isn’t the first destination to visit, right? Amsterdam is the first one..  but,  last year I was lucky to meet some people from Groningen. Since then, I thought that the student city was worth a trip. So I packed my suitcase and took the Flixbus seven hours to Groningen.

About the accommodation I didn’t had to worry at all because I was staying at my new friends.. I was able to meet amazing new people and to visit some places to eat in Groningen.
So, today I’ll introduce you the best restaurants in Groningen, that I visited in my short stay. 

1. Places to eat in Groningen: Het Concerthuis

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The first restaurant in Groningen that I visited to grab some food was the Het Concerthuis. It is a cafe, which was comfortably furnished. We sat on sofas rather than on hard chairs. At the entrance you can find the bar, where you have many drinks and beers to choose from. At the back you will find the relaxed atmosphere, where you can drink a house-roasted coffee or order a bite. Many students go there to work with their laptop. The style of the bar/cafe is very arty and recycled. Sometimes, some bands play there in the evening. It is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening or morning with some friends.

For breakfast I ordered the Nagelhout sandwich. It was bread with dried organic beef ​in thin slices. Also with cream cheese and cucumber. For drinks I had a hot chocolate and an orange juice.

You can check the menu here. Het Concerthuis also offers every Sunday a brunch for 11€

The address:
Het Concerthuis
Poelestraat 30

2. Places to eat in Groningen: Toko Semarang

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I have never eaten such a delicious chicken soup in my life! The Indonesian restaurant Toko Semarang is located in one of the main streets of Groningen. The small restaurant offers a lot of Indonesian specialties. It is more of a place where you can order the food to go. There is a showcase with already prepared food and you just have to say, which specialties you want to take home. The staff speaks Indonesian and Dutch of course..

We ordered Soto Ayam. It is an Indonesian chicken soup with bean sprouts and boiled egg. Thanks to the sweet potatoes and lemongrass the soup had a very tasty sweet taste. I reecommend the soup to anyone. It was a great lunch!

You can also order menus from Toko Semarang. You can find the menu here.

The address:
Toko Semarang
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 119

3. Places to eat in Groningen: Cave Oporto

Another place to eat in Groningen is Cave Oporto. This restaurant is one of the favorites of my friends in Groningen. Cave Oporto is a Portuguese restaurant with very good meat and fish. The price is accordingly high. Next to our table people ordered the typical fish plates with Gambas and other seafood specialities

I wanted to have a mixed plate (Grelhados Mistos) with meat varieties. On my plate I had beef, pork, chicken and ribs with homemade BBQ sauce. The meat was very tender and the marinated ribs tasted best. For the side dishes we had fries and salad.

Before going there, you have to book a table because the place is always full. You’ll find the menu here.

The address:
Cave Oporto
Brugstraat 17B

4. Places to eat in Groningen: Pappa Joe

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If you want to eat delicious burgers, go to Pappa Joe Steakcafé. I ordered the Pappa Joe special Burger. Consisting of beef, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese and onions. You also get seasoned wedges  with ketchup or mayonnaise.

The steak café is a very romantic place with candles. The only disadvantage is that after your visit the clothes and everything will smell. But, the juicy Burger is worth it.

The menu is here..

The address:
Pappa Joe
Folkingestraat 46 

5. Places to drink in Groningen:  Buckshot Café

The Bar Buckshot Café in Groningen offers sometimes live music. Before visiting it, have a look at their Facebook page to see if there is a program with any artists. In the bar you will find young and old people. There is place for everyone. The beers are cheap and taste good! If you are looking for a relaxed bar/pub in Groningen, then Buckshot is worth a visit.

The address
Buckshot Café

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 58

Other places to eat in Groningen that I can recommend because my friends work there as bartenders or cook are:

6. Humphrey’s
Vismarkt 42

Humphrey’s is a chic restaurant offering a 3-course menu for a fixed price of  25,95€

7. Four Roses 
Oosterstraat 71

Four Rose’s is a Mexican restaurant with tacos, enchiladas and all the delicious Mexican specialties..

By the way, if you want to know where you can eat Mexican food in Berlin, than have a look here.

If you know more places where to eat good in Groningen, don’t hesitate to write it down below in the comment section. Also cheap places to eat there :)!




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