My treatment with Invisalign at the SMILIKE Berlin clinic

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful smile? SMILIKE Berlin can help you with the innovative Invisalign treatment!

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 SMILIKE Berlin – Dental correction

Today,  I am going to tell you about my experience with SMILIKE Berlin and my new dental treatment. If you know me personally or watch my videos, you may know that I have tooth gaps. My biggest tooth gap is between the two incisors. Over the years several tooth gaps between the canines appeared, which I no longer find it beautiful. They needed to disappear as soon as possible and that is why I started my treatment with Invisalign! To be honest, I have never had a real problem with my  tooth gap between the two incisors. It was cute and I even considered it as a beauty mark.

What really bothered me were the other gaps and the form of my jaw. My dentition is probably genetic, and “Africans” tend to have a bigger jaw than Europeans. Also everyone  from my family has the same dentition as me. So, I can’t blame my mother for passing it to me!

invisalign-unsichtbare-Zahnkorrektur-smilike-berlin-unsichtbare-Zahnspange After a detailed meeting with Dr. Widu and his team of SMILIKE Berlin about my worries and wishes, he assured me that I should not change the form of my jaw.. After examining my teeth, he saw that I needed an orthodontic treatment but I should not adjust my dentition just like the European way, because it wouldn’t fit me. When I heard that my profile will change and that the lips will become smaller, than it was clear to me that it is not going to happen. I have full lips that fit my face very well. I love my profile and I would be a completely different person if my profile was flat. So we decided to treat the tooth movements  with transparent braces (Invisalign) to close the gaps. Invisalign are transparent plastic rails that move the teeth in the desired direction and position. Adieu tight braces! The transparent rails are easy to remove, especially before food and dental care.


Before and after with the 3D Technology

At the second consultation meeting in the SMILIKE Center in Berlin, we conducted a 3D diagnostic. With the Intraoralscanner, we made toothprints to get a 3D model of my teeth. Thanks to the computer technology, you can already see what your teeth will look like after the whole treatment. In the picture you can see the current situation and the simulated result. This is great for people who are insecure and can’t imagine how the end result might look after this time and cost-intensive treatment.

I was happy when I saw my simulated results.. But no matter how good technology can be, the result has to be discussed and edited again with the Dr. and the team in order to get the best possible results. For example,  you can see with the simulated result, that a tooth is situated way too high. This must be adapted properly.

invisalign, unsichtbare Zahnkorrektur, smilike berlin, unsichtbare Zahnspange, Beautyblog Berlin

The SMILIKE clinic

The SMILIKE clinic is located near Ku’damm! The rooms are bright with modern technology! The meeting room, which looks like a huge tooth is at the entrance. The examination rooms are right behind.

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Widu and his team from the very first minute. The advice was great as they wanted only the best for me. They showed me before and after pictures from other patients and assured me of their professionalism.

I can not wait to start with the Invisalign treatment to close those tooth gaps! I’m already quite excited.

In the second part of my experience report, I will tell you about the cost of an invisible tooth correction with Invisalign, how long the treatment will last and how I will feel living  with those clear braces day to day.


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