Don’t miss these top 5 autumn jackets

Autumn is for a lot of people the favorite season of the year. They can finally wear coats, hoodies and jackets again. And for that reason, we kindly introduce you to the top 5 autumn jackets 2017!

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Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets are transition jackets, which could look very trendy in autumn. Especially oversized bomber jackets are extremely popular. Flower patterns and embroidery give the jacket more femininity and is something different than the monotonous one color  bomber jacket. Moreover, you can buy them in fabrics such as silk and velvet. So, if you wore your bomber jacket in spring, than wear it in autumn again. Make sure to wear this time a hoodie underneath.



Autumn is the season for trenchcoats. Am I right, or am I right? The coat is classy and keeps also warm! It can be combined in different ways. For example try to wear your trenchcoat with a belt.  It gives you a nice waist and an unique look. The typical trenchcoat is in the color camel but also in black, gray or even red.


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Faux Fur / Teddy Jacket:

In the last article, I already mentioned these kind of autumn jackets. The faux fur jacket,  is an artificial fur jacket. It keeps you warm and can be combined very nicely with skinny jeans and high heels. An alternative is the teddy jacket, which you can fin everywhere on Social Media.



Down jacket:

Thick, thicker – the down jacket. This is very popular not only in men, but also in women. Especially in bright colors like yellow or red. For all streetstyle lovers, the down jacket is a must-have. Plus, with the jacket you are well prepared for the winter time.



Every woman should have at least one blazer in their wardrobe. Its is one of the trends to watch for this year. Checkered blazers are beautiful, as well as a simple black or white classy blazer. They look super elegant and are perfect for the autumn weather.


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