Beach Outfit for Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

Strandmode 2017 auf Cayo Santa Maria, Influencer-Germany-Travelblogger-cuba-Travel-Blogger

 Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba 

A month in Cuba means that you don’t get to know much about the outside world. Even less, if you check into a five-star all-inclusive holiday resort right on the beach of the resort Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba. For five days, I laid all day long on the white beach and enjoyed the much needed time out. Of course, I have also snapped many pictures, since the landscape in Cuba is “Instagram-Perfect”. Still more pictures to come! So be prepared


Strandmode 2017 auf Cayo Santa Maria, Influencer-Germany-Travelblogger-cubaStrandmode 2017 auf Cayo Santa Maria, Influencer-Germany-Travelblogger-cuba-Cayo-Santa-MariaStrandmode 2017 auf Cayo Santa Maria, Influencer-Germany-Travelblogger-cuba-Lifestyleblog-BerlinStrandmode 2017 auf Cayo Santa Maria, Influencer-Germany-Travelblogger-Cuba-Travel-Blog


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  1. Hallo Nelly,
    wow! Was für tolle Bilder! Da bekomme ich jetzt auch sofort Lust nach Kuba zu fliegen! 🙂 Und dein Outfit ist super cool! 🙂 Ich bin schon gespannt auf mehr.
    LG Jo

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