Male Fall trends Part 2

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The so called hipster male out there put much time on their style. Previously, the term hipster was for people who were swimming against everything and who were not co-leaders in politics, music or fashion. Today, however, they become the mainstream, which is why these 6 Must Haves are inspired by them. This is Part 2 of the series.

Suits / Chef’s Pants / Trousers:

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The wide trousers trend has also arrived in mens fashion. Skinny jeans and chino pants are no longer the only favorites of today’s stylish man. Especially wide fabric pants are preferred over uncomfortable skinny jeans. For example smart trousers.  They can be worn as a business casual look with a  shirt or sweater. These are available with different patterns and colors and give someone many possibilities to create different looks.

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Sweater are perfect for autumn and winter and therefore definitv one of the 6 Must Haves. In addition, they not only look good, but can be perfectly combined to a coat or down jacket mentioned in Part 1. There are also several possibilities, such as a turtleneck sweater or a hoodie. Sweaters are particularly popular in special fabrics such as velvet, which has been popular for several seasons. Another option would be a vintage silk shirt.

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Karomuster/ Military:


Checked and military patterns are old trends but still not dead. The flannel shirts, which are commonly known as wood chopper shirts, also seem to be still popular. If you don’t go to crazy with Military Look then, you should definitely get yourself a military shirt jacket.

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