Male Hipsters: Male Fall Trends 2017

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Not only women, but also men would like to dress good in autumn. Thanks to Instagram a  lot of men found their passion for fashion, showing it in good quality street style pictures such as style blogger Kosta Williams. Today, we’ll show you 6 male fashion trends 2017. Here is part 1:






Male Fashion Trends 2017

Daunenjacke Drake

Down jackets / Coats / Denim:

Of course, it gets colder outside and it’s time to get warm. You can count the oversized puffer jacket trend to the Must Haves for a male wardrobe !

If its to early for the puffer jacket, you can go back to a long autumn coat that looks good in colors such as camel and gray tones. Plus, a coat is perfect for layering, as you can wear underneath, for example, a denim jacket. This does not only look stylish, but also provides more warmth.

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Sneaker/ ankle boot:

Triple S Balenciaga

The perfect footwear is the essence of a good outfit. There are many possibilities for sneaker lovers. Especially the “Triple S” sneakers from Balenciaga are recommended, as these are currently highly hyped and therefore also one of the must haves. Also Kanye West discovered this sneaker for himself and designed a similar version in the form of YEEZY Waverunner. We say: Have courage to the unaesthetic!

If you are not the sneakers kind of men, than try other must-haves shoe trends for men 2017.  Especially lace-up boots, for example Chelsea Boots or Dr. Martens are very popular. Also the classic Timberlands are a good choice, as these always remain timeless!

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Halskette Travis Scott

Have you ever thought of wearing chains? There are necklaces in the form of keys, chains attached to the jacket breast pocket or the belt. This gives the outfit an edgy look and a personal touch.

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Biftu Abduljelil

Hallo, ich bin Biftu und 19 Jahre alt. Ich stamme aus Äthiopien, bin aber in München geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich bin sehr modebegeistert, weltoffen und an aktuellen Themen interessiert. Daher freue ich mich sehr bei Nelly´s Blog, aushelfen zu können.

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