Bye Kylie Cosmetics..Hello Fenty Beauty!


Singer, stylist and business woman, Rihanna has finally released her own Make-Up line, Fenty Beauty. The line is a huge success and is shared and recommended on every imaginable social media platform of bloggers and youtubers. So the make up line Kylie Cosmetics got a big competitor.

On Sept. 7, Rihanna presented her make-up line in New York in a Sephora store and has since then, already taken over 10 million dollars.

But what exactly is so special about Fenty Beauty? The foundation range contains of 40 colors with different nuances. Therefore, a color is included for everyone. Means that even people with albinism as well as with the darkest skin tones can finally find the right color. This shows a great importance to diversity and a significant example for already established beauty manufacturers that are scared that darker tones won’t sell well.
The foundation is perfectly suited for the everyday use.

Not only the Foundation of Fenty Beauty is praised, but also the highlighters. The most famous of these is Trophy Wife. If you want to have the Riri glow that she rocks on the red carpet then go for it. However, if you don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball,  be careful because those highlighters have a good pigmentation.

So far, the beauty line consist only of foundations, highlighters, face brushes and lipgloss, which is however to be expanded by the Holiday – Galaxy Collection on the 13th of October. In addition to the hyped products, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow pallets and eyeliner will be added to the line.

You can order the products online on or on their own website,






Biftu Abduljelil

Hallo, ich bin Biftu und 19 Jahre alt. Ich stamme aus Äthiopien, bin aber in München geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich bin sehr modebegeistert, weltoffen und an aktuellen Themen interessiert. Daher freue ich mich sehr bei Nelly´s Blog, aushelfen zu können.

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