Faux Fur Coats or Teddy Jackets for this Winter

Faux Fur Jacke Nelly Negret BloggerFur coats are a very hot topic between fur lovers and animal protectionists. But, we have alternatives, which are more popular than the real fur itself! May I introduce:  The Faux Fur Coats.

These are not only animal-friendly, but also keep you warm in autumn and winter. They are available in different colors and lengths. Our favorite faux fur coats are in colors such as baby rose, dark blue and in general some light colors.

Faux Fur Coats and Teddy Coats

You can wear the Faux Fur jacket with some ankle boots and skinny jeans. This can give a classic outfit, a casual note. However, if you want the street style look , you can combine the coat with sneakers and a beanie. But of course, the styling possibilities are endless!

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If you can’t get enough of the the faux fur trend, you can switch to the teddy coats. These are  made of teddy fleece, which imitates the wool of the sheep. Last year we already talked about the teddy jacket. It was a huge trend and our pin went viral on Pinterest. The fluffy jacket is also very voluminous like the Faux Fur Jacket. Have a look:

Teddy Jackets:

Faux Fur Coats


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