A last look at the Beauty trends of 2016!

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Beauty trends 2016

Let’s have a last look at the beauty trends 2016 one more time in detail! What trends did we loved and which one we found quite terrible? Last year we reported a lot of the fashion trends around the world and how to combine them properly. But we never spoke about Beauty at all. Let’s start!


Lip Fillers – Thanks to Kylie Jenner

The very clear winner of the Beauty Trends of 2016 are  lip fillers. Since Kylie Jenner admitted that she does it every couple of weeks, young girls and adults  found their way to the Beauty Doc. There are many clinics that offer lip augmentation with hyaloric acid. M1 Med Beauty and Sensa Medical are very good clinics for women who want to take such interventions as well as other ops and beauty corrections. Lip Fillers were the absolute hit and the hype will continue in 2017.

Lash extensions/ Eyelash extensions

Another beauty trend which I even tried out were the eyelash extensions. Away from those annoying days of trying gluing the fake eyelashes to the own. If you don’t have the right glue and a quiet hand, it can be very time-consuming. With eyelash extensions you can save important time in the morning and of course tons of mascara! Investing in Lash Extensions every couple of weeks is totally worth it! A top location to make the eyelashes would be Wimpernschwester Berlin. A detailed report on my visit there will follow soon on the Beauty Blog Berlin.

Unicorn Make Up, Unicorn Brushes and shower gels

You probably have seen unicorns everywhere last year. In Germany the hype has started, when the chocolate brand Ritter Sport introduced a limited number of unicorn chocolate on the market. Other manufacturers have recognized the hype and sold products such as unicorn shower gels and unicorn brushes. The Supermarket Lidl has even brought out a super sweet unicorn carpet. By the way, did you know the German start-up “Einhorn” that produce sustainable, vegan condoms? You should definitely have a look at those unicorn condoms!

Regenbogen Highlighter, Unicorn Highlighter, Einhorn Schminke
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Of course, the unicorn make-up looks started to appear. For the eyes many colors were applied next to each other in form of a rainbow. Also unicorns highlighters were applied to the face!




Fake freckles

You want what you don’t have! People who don’t have freckles in a naturally way, they will paint them in their face. Beauty bloggers like Nyane Lebajoa or Carli Bybel are experts in painting fake freckles. And it does surprisingly look good! For that, you can use a fine brown eyeliner and paint the dots in different places on the face. There are also temporary freckles Tattoos to stick on! Crazy, right?!

Other Beauty Trends were  the strobing, the use of Silisponges and of course the Kim Kardashian contouring method!

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