5 bad New Year’s resolutions that are acceptable!

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Okay guys, a New Year means  a new us! Or to be precise, lets continue with our bad habits than we only live once and there is no time to lose. We are not getting any younger and we should continue with what makes us happy. So in this post I am not going to tell you what your New Year’s resolutions should be – but to tell you, what things we shouldn’t delete from our list! Here are the 5  bad New Year’s resolutions!

1. A midnight snack is always a good idea

Probably one of your first things on the list for the New Year was to hit the gym and start a diet. But how many times have we tried it and failed? I am sure you are fully motivated to start the new sport routine and integrate into your daily basis. But who said we shouldn’t reward ourselves with a little snack after sport? Or while watching a movie? Midnight snacks are always a good idea!

2. Do nothing and lay back

Sometime we get so lost in this workaholic world, that we forget to just lay back and breathe. We come home after work and we still continue to work on the project that we didn’t finished. Just let it be! Release your mind from all the work stress and enjoy your evening. Just do nothing and lay back. And you should do this a bunch of time! I am not saying that you should be lazy and do nothing. After all, work needs to be done to earn this coins. But just relax a little more than the usual. Ok?

3. A glass of wine or two- Who cares?

No alcohol, no drugs, no nothing for the new healthy year. Let me get this straight – I am a big fan of rewarding myself. I know, that going out every weekend and drinking excessively its not healthy for any of us. We shouldn’t quit on alcohol, though. A glass of wine isn’t harming after all. Its even healthy, I heard..

*And if you have some serious addiction problems just ignore this point and get some help as soon as possible*

4. Buy the new bag if you feel like it

You have been working so hard lately? Always thinking about the others and putting yourself not in the first place but at the end? Especially mothers tend to do this. All they care about are about the well-being of their children. A very understandable point here but when was the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you bought something for yourself that truly made you happy. Forget the guilty conscience and again- reward yourself with a little gift.

5. Call an ex lover if you feel lonely

Who said, that we shouldn’t please ourselves? Get yourself a friend with benefits to bridge all those lonely nights at home. Or just call an ex-lover and use him for just for your pleasure. After all, he know what yo like and how to do it. In Rihanna’s voice: “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?” Get it girl!


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