We need this 5 Fall Must- Haves 2017!

Does the new season change necessarily mean a new wardrobe? Not necessarily! There are 5 Must Haves for the fall 2017 you should have! These will make it easier for you to combine the new season and of course, it can be worn not just once but again and again.

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5 Must Haves for fall 2017


Must Haves für den Herbst 2017
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Be it jackets, skirts or shoes made of leather, you can never be wrong, especially in autumn. Here, popular options are wild, varnish or smooth leather. In addition, it does not have to be real leather, as there are now lots of good quality artificial leather on the online stores. While the classic black leatherjacket is a must-have for almost every season, many 80s trends such as coats of suede have also become popular again.

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Must Haves für den Herbst 2017

Velvet is still a trend and does not seem to ever disappear. The soft fabric offers many possibilities. Dresses, trousers or sweaters in velvet as well as shoes or jackets are very popular. The velvet must-have makes the outfit look very elegant. For example if you wear a red velvet dress! Even a simple velvet choker gives a simple outfit a classy touch. The fabric is especially popular in colors such as Bordeaux red, emerald green or night blue.

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Sock Boots :

Must Haves für den Herbst 2017
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You probably saw the sock boots everywhere on social media platforms, like Instagram and Tumblr because they are quite popular. The so-called sock boots are ankle boots with heel, which fit tightly to the leg, just as socks would do.. These make the leg look feminine and slim. They are also available in various colors and fabrics. They are particularly popular also in velvet and leather, as well with some  floral patterns.

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Wide pants:

Must Haves für den Herbst 2017

Not only in the Spring and Summer, but also in Autumn are wide pants still a good decision to wear. There are different forms of wide trousers. The Side Stripe Pants is a classic reinterpretation of sweatpants, which can be combined both sportily and elegantly. But if you want another option for a wide trousers, maybe try carrot pants for another comfy look.

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Accessoires Basken – & Baker – Boy – Mützen :

Must Haves für den Herbst 2017
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To complete an outfit don’t miss the headgear! Caps are a great option as it keeps also warm at the same time. I have already mentioned Baker Boy hats  in a previous post. But you should not forget the basque beret as a stylish alternative! This also gives an outfit a French flair, which is casual but at the same time classy.

What do you think of those 5 Must Haves for fall 2017?

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