Gucci, Dionysus Bag

Designer Bags to in invest in 2017!

Every woman wants at least one beautiful designer bag in the course of her life,  in which she would like to invest. This is the second part of Nelly’s article about the…

Top 5 Sneaker 2017, Die schönsten Schuhe 2017, Top Trainingsschuhe, Fashionblogger DE, Vans Oldskool, Vansgirls Berlin

Are you a shoe lover?

If you are a shoe lover, you can probably not live without sneakers either. Whether they are athletic or elegant shoes, a sneaker makes life easier. Today I listed here top 5 sneakers,…

lespecs cat eyes sunglasses

Give me some 90s sunglasses!

The 90s Sunglasses with the small frame are real eye-catcher. They have no sun protection but as an accessory they are definitely perfect. This particular trend became famous thanks to the label…

(Deutsch) Daily Fashion Pick
Trends & Styling
Hoodie Sweater Nelly Blogger

(Deutsch) Wie man den Hoodie richtig kombiniert!

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Retromuster Blumenprint weite Hose fashiioncarpet

(Deutsch) Retromuster

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

How to look good with less money!

The pocket is almost empty, but the desire to look…


(Deutsch) Die Zeit nach dem Abitur

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Essen gehen in Groningen, Concerthuis Groningen, Where to eat in Groningen, Concerthuit Breakfast

Places To Eat In Groningen – Restaurant Tips Groningen

Which are the places to eat in Groningen, what are the…

Things to do in Berlin for young people, what to do in Berlin young adults

7 Things to do in Berlin for young people

7 Things to do in Berlin for young people What…

Art'otel Berlin Mitte, upside_down_bar_bartender_mix

The Upside Down Bar at the Art’otel Berlin

The Upside Down Bar at the Art’otel Berlin Today we are…

Barceloneta Strand Reiseblog Barcelona

Travel Blog in Spain: 48 hours in Barcelona

Barcelona, wenn ich meine Freundinen nach ihrem nächst geplantem Urlaubsort…

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